Complete Therapy Services, Inc.

Contract Therapies for Home Care Services

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists at Complete Therapy Services are dedicated to helping patients obtain their highest level of independence and function in the areas of self-care, functional mobility, homemaking, upper extremity use, and leisure tasks. We also complete home safety evaluations for patients, educate them on energy conservation and work simplification principles, and provide recommendations for adaptive equipment needs and home modifications. Our OT staff is trained in working with a wide range of diagnoses in the areas of neurological impairment, orthopedic cases, cardio/pulmonary rehab, upper extremity injuries, general debility, cognitive impairment, and more. We focus heavily on rehabilitating the physical deficits that challenge our patients, but also pay close attention to addressing the emotional and psychological components of their impairments as well.

All CTS therapists act as liaisons or care coordinators between the patients and their nurses, physicians and other home health professionals.